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Types of Paint Sprayers

There are a number of different paint sprayers, including compressed air paint sprayers, electric paint spray guns, high volume, low pressure (HVLP) guns and many others. Also available is commercial-grade equipment that uses a piston pump system or a diaphragm pressure system.

Which type to use and when is something that the people at Paint Zoom™ know a lot about. Paint Zoom™ use a lightweight, compressed air reservoir system. A paint cup is used to hold the paint, which is then drawn out using suction generated by compressed air that is driven from the hose to the paint gun nozzle. For general-purpose applications and home improvement projects, this versatile, low-cost system is the best paint sprayer for many consumers.

Airless paint sprayers employing a piston pump or diaphragm pressure system are often used in commercial settings or by professional contractors, although some painting enthusiasts may get their hands on these systems as well. While this type of equipment is much more expensive, it can be much better suited to difficult surfaces such as basement walls or larger patches of wall areas. HVLP systems are used to create ultra-fine surfaces and mirror finishes in applicatons such as furniture.

The Paint Zoom™ system uses precise viscosity and spray geometry control as well as volume flow control, all of which act to limit overspray and allow consumers, with the extensive instruction provided on this website, to achieve professional-quality results without the professional cost. By fully developing the potential of the compressed air system, the Paint Zoom™ sprayer has bridged the gap between professional-quality equipment and low-cost ease of use, making painting an easier, lower-cost job than ever before.