Paint Zoom Video

Fence Paint Sprayer

House paint sprayers are a daunting prospect for most homeowners, especially if it is the first time they have gotten their hands on one to complete a home painting project. Most homeowners would rather cough up the money to hire a professional painting contractor anyway than risk making a mess of the job and having to call one later to fix things.

Does a fence paint sprayer need to be a different system from a house paint sprayer? What is the best house paint sprayer for a particular job? The answer is the one that's best for the individual consumer, although if you don't know that, you may find yourself out of luck and left with unanswered questions.

Inexpensive compressed air electric paint sprayers, like the Paint Zoom™ system sprayer, are suitable for use as either home or fence paint sprayers. It is just more a question of knowing how to use the equipment properly, knowing what the different painting surfaces need, and how to change the sprayer settings to adjust the paint sprayer.

The Paint Zoom™ system uses simple, professional-quality equipment that includes both spray nozzle and flow volume adjustments to adapt the system to different painting applications, such as varnishing or painting furniture, painting interior walls and finishes and even tackling exterior surfaces and fences. The secret is in the use of the viscosity cup and the viscosity guide to ensure proper paint consistency, and adjusting the nozzle geometry and flow controls to cover the surface properly.

Basic spray painting techniques are taught in the video, which also teaches how to control the equipment for the best effect in each application. With a little practice the average homeowner can quickly tackle almost any painting project in or around the home. The Paint Zoom™ system is the ideal general-purpose house paint sprayer system, adaptable for most every project.